1. Break the sterile seal on the swab container by twisting the cap.
  2. The cotton swab is then wetted in the sterile saline contained in the green capped tube.
  3. Apply the self-adhesive template to the surface to be sampled.
  4. Firmly grip the wooden swab handle, keeping your fingers at least one inch from the cotton swab. Thoroughly wash the surface by rubbing the area inside the template. The swab should be rotated in order to use as much of the cotton as possible. Keep a low angel between the swab and surface.
  5. Replace the swab into the container until analysis. The samples can be stored up to one week before analysis. The sterile saline contains a biostatic agent that prevents any growth in the sample during storage. However, it is recommended that samples be analyzed as soon as possible after sampling.

Mycometer-surface Applications

  • Post remediation verification (PRV)
  • Documenting the efficacy of the cleaning of surfaces for mould growth
  • Documentation of mould growth
  • Documentation that discoloration is NOT mould growth
  • Delineation of mould growth where it is non-visible. How much should be cleaned?
  • Documenting the cleaning of HVAC systems