Universities and government agencies

The Danish Technical University – DTU (Denmark)
The University of Eastern Finland (Finland)
US Army CHPPM-South, (Korea)
US Army CHPPM South ( Japan)
The Technological Institute of Denmark (Denmark)
US Army- Ft Eustis, Ft Drum, Ft Meade ++ (US)
US Navy – Camp Pendleton, Annapolis ++ (US)
•Instituto de patologia del libro (Italy)
Danish Army Building Services (Denmark)
The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (Finland)
Defense Intelligence Agency (US)
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The School of Conservation (Denmark)
Hochschule für angewandte wissenshaft und Kunst (Germany)
Corps of Engineers (US)
Institut National de Researche et de Securite - INRS (France)
National Security Agency – NSA (US)
National Institute for Health and Welfare (Finland)
National Institutes of Health -NIH (US)
Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en Sécurité du travail –IRSST (Canada)

Consultants and contractors

EES Group (US)
CETEC (Australia)
National Flood School (UK)
Golder Associates, Inc.(US)
COWI (Denmark)
Regas Group (US)
Goritas building inspection (Denmark)
Building Health Sciences, Inc. (US)
Action Dry Emergency Services (UK)
Industry- and Consultant Services (Norway)
Inuplan (Greenland)
AMiP - Industrial Engineering GmbH (Austria)
Air Purification Specialists (US)
BioFact (Sweden)
Dominion Environmental (US)
ISS (Denmark & Finland)
Docusave (Switzerland)
R&T (Greenland)
Inniluf Tænastan (Faroe islands)
Environ, Inc. (US)
BBJ Environmental Solutions (US)
LBF (Faroe Islands)
Indoor Air Sciences, Inc. (US)
Robson Environmental ( Australia)
ROSE Environmental, LTD ( Trinidad)
ArQi:Mate ( Singapore)
PT Freeport Moran Mining (Indonesia)
Engineering Systems, Inc. (FL, TX) (US)
SSG (Denmark)
National Analytical Labs (US)

Accredited laboratories

Vita Laboratorio Oy (Finland)
ISS Proko Oy (Finland)
MetropoliLab Oy (Finland)

Mycometer-surface Applications

  • Post remediation verification (PRV)
  • Documenting the efficacy of the cleaning of surfaces for mould growth
  • Documentation of mould growth
  • Documentation that discoloration is NOT mould growth
  • Delineation of mould growth where it is non-visible. How much should be cleaned?
  • Documenting the cleaning of HVAC systems