The Mycometer-air technology was recently (2011) verified by United States Environmental Protection Agency through the ETV programme. Linearity between enzyme activity measured as fluorescence and the number of spores was well documented(R2 = 0,997). The reproducibility was determined by collecting 8 parallel samples and have them analyzed by two analysts (4 each) using two different analytical instruments. An RPD of 5.3% was found. This is an exceptionally low variability, unprecedented in any other method available for measuring mould in air.

The Mycometer-air technology has also been documented through peer revieved papers in international journals.

Two new studies have shown that high levels of NAHA enzyme activity (as is measured with the Mycometer-air method) correlate to health issues.

  • High levels of NAHA activity in air samples were found in homes of subjects with sarcoidosis, particularly among those with recurrent disease.
    → Airborne enzyme in homes of patients with sarcoidosis. Terčelj M, Salobir B, Rylander R. Env Health 2011; 10:8-13.
  • A correlation was seen between NAHA activity and Nocturnal Asthma.
    → Nocturnal asthma and domestic exposure to fungi. Terčelj M, Salobir B, Narancsik Z, Kriznar K, Grzetic-Romcevic T, Matos T, Rylander R. Indoor + Built Env 2012; in print.
  • A Swedish study showed that higher levels of NAHA enzyme activity were found in air samples from buildings with mould damage compared to control buildings.
    →  Airborne enzyme measurements to detect indoor mould exposure. Journal of Environmental Monitoring, R. Rylander, M. Reeslev and T. Hulander.010, 12, p.2161–2164.
  • The study showed that the NAHA enzyme activity was found in microfragments from fungi.
    →  NAGase activity in airborne biomass dust and relationship between NAGase concentrations and fungal spores. Aerobiologia, 19, 97 – 105. A.M., Madsen. 2003.
  • The study demonstrated that aggressive sampling improves the predictive value of air samples significantly.
    →  Aggressive Sampling, Improving the Predictive Value Of Air Sampling For Fungal Aerosols. M. Reeslev, M. Miller, JC Nielsen, L Rogers. Proceedings of Indoor Air Conference, ISIAQC. June 2011.

Mycometer-air Applications

  • Initial diagnostic assessment
  • Rapid remediation clearance testing
  • Pre/Post HVAC cleaning documentation
  • Healthy Building Assessments
  • Expedite disaster response damage assessment
  • Healthcare ICRA documentation
  • Routine maintenance cleaning confirmation