Mycometer offer a flexible and mature technology. The Bactiquant System can be confuigured to meet the needs of the customer with:

  • Portable equipment for on-location use
  • Stationary equipment for lab based operations
  • Tailored solutions to specific requirements
  • Special analysis packaging solutions for use under rugged conditions
  • Data handling software’ (21 CFR part 11 compatible)
  • Proficiency training
  • Quality Assurance Package

Bactiquant-water Applications

  • Source water/raw water quality
  • Water Plant (Operations, process control)
  • Industrial Process Water (CIP, Food stuff production)
  • Distribution Systems (Finished water, WSP)
  • Verification HACCP
  • Sustainable Systems (Recycle and closed loops systems)
  • Technical water (Electronics, cooling towers, humidification)
  • Tracking and delineating pollution events
  • Effluents
  • Recreational water
  • Aquaculture
  • Water Biostability Assessment

Bactiquant Water applications

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