Would you consider a method operational if it provided a historic registration of water quality?

The plate count method is time consuming and laborious. The long analysis time results in a historic registration of water quality, which is not compatible with the requirement for timely results in the industry and utilities.

Would you make decisions based on less than 1 % of the information available to you?

Traditionally heterotrophic plate counts is used in the industry and utilities as a general indicator of Water quality and process efficiency. However, plate counts do not provide information about the actual content of bacteria in a Water sample. Less than 1% of the bacteria in a typical water sample are quantified with the plate count method and it will not include the vast majority of bacteria that are associated with particles, such as aggregates of bacteria and bacteria colonizing organic and inorganic particles.

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Bactiquant-water a US-EPA verified technology

Bactiquant-water is a rapid method for quantification of total bacteria in water and other liquid samples. A key feature is that Bactiquant-water reduces analysis time for total bacteria from days to minutes. The method has been extensively documented in practiceby customers worldwide and has recently been verified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). The analysis results are highly reproducible ( RSD <7%) and provide relevant information about water treatment processes and microbiological water quality. Bactiquant analysis provides a comprehensive quantification of total bacterial presence that includes planktonic bacteria, particle associated bacteria, anaerobes as well as aerobes. The Bactiquant-water methodology is a mature technology that features: ( not all of this is included in the basic package)

  • Flexible solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers
  • Portable as well as lab based equipment
  • Robust and durable analysis chemistry
  • Proficiency training
  • Data handling software’s (FDA-21 CFR part 11 compatible)
  • Quality Assurance Package (In house proficiency verification)

The analysis is not affected by turbidity, conductivity, hardness or pH, allowing a wide range of applications in the water utilities and industry. The product is a unique, flexible tool that can be applied in advanced laboratories as well as in remote locations under rugged conditions.

Bactiquant-water Applications

  • Source water/raw water quality
  • Water Plant (Operations, process control)
  • Industrial Process Water (CIP, Food stuff production)
  • Distribution Systems (Finished water, WSP)
  • Verification HACCP
  • Sustainable Systems (Recycle and closed loops systems)
  • Technical water (Electronics, cooling towers, humidification)
  • Tracking and delineating pollution events
  • Effluents
  • Recreational water
  • Aquaculture
  • Water Biostability Assessment

Bactiquant Water applications

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