Mycometer develops flexible and versatile methods of documentation and delineation of microbial contamination in buildings and Water systems. Our technology is the Swiss knife of rapid microbiology allowing reliable quantification of microbes in almost all environments:

  • on surfaces
  • inside porous materials
  • in water
  • in diesel and slurries
  • in air

Using the same analytical equipment, the Mycometer technology can differentiate between bacteria and fungi using different chemistry.


The technology has been tested and verified by US-EPA (2011). Reproducibility was found to be very good with a relative standard deviation on the mean between 1.4 and 8.7 % when different assays and conditions were used. The calculation includes both variability on sampling, analysis, analyst and instrumentation. The technology has also been documented through many independent international peer reviewed scientific papers.


For many applications the traditional cultivation methods are simply to slow, taking days to get results. With Mycometer products you get results within an hour. But getting fast results in itself is worth nothing if they are not reproducible or provide relevant information.

Mycometer assays are developed focusing on both sampling and analysis and even sometimes with interpretation criteria.To ensure a good implementation, all users need to go through a proficiency course. The course is included in the equipment price.